• 1 x 15g Fuji IX GP powder A3
  • 1 x 8g Fuji IX GP liquid (6.4ml)
  • Accessories


Fuji IX GP – 1:1 Kit (A2)

GC Fuji IX GP is a wear-resistant high-strength fluoride-releasing adhesive glass ionomer for all age groups from paediatric to geriatric.

It out performs earlier products in every respect and provides a glass ionomer that can be placed carved and contoured using metal instruments without sticking. GC Fuji IX GP has been accepted as an extra-hard wear-resistant fast-setting restorative providing long-term results as an alternative to amalgam.

As a true glass ionomer, it chemically bonds to tooth structure, has a tooth-like coefficient of thermal expansion and releases significant levels of rechargeable fluoride. It is available in hand-mix powder-liquid and premeasured capsules. It’s the perfect product for geriatric and pediatric restorations, final restorations (non-stress areas), Intermediate Restorative (IRM), core material and long-term, temporary restorations.


Packable, dough-like consistency

  • Easy to handle and place
  • Can be condensed (similar to amalgam)
  • Shape and finish with metal instruments


  • Will not pull away from prep or stick to instruments

High compressive and flexural strengths

  • Assure durability, longevity, and integrity

Excellent wear characteristics

  • 60% higher than conventional glass ionomers
  • Within 10% of compomer materials
  • Wears at only a slightly higher rate than posterior composites

Simple and easy technique

  • 2 minute working time
  • Self-cures in 2.5 minutes (about 4.5 minutes from start of mix)
  • Single step placement for even larger fillings


  • 1 x 15g Fuji IX GP powder A3
  • 1 x 8g Fuji IX GP liquid (6.4ml)
  • Accessories