President Dental GmbH (GERMANY)

•Gutta Percha Points (120 Point) Color Coded
PRD.GN01 : 15-40,15,20,25,30,35,40,45-80
•Length Marked Gutta Percha Points (120 Point)


• Allows for a single cone obturation
• Fits securely into .04 or .06 instrumented canal
• Sold in packages of 60,120 points
• Hand-rolled
• Available in color-coded ISO sizes 15-40,45-80 etc.

Gutta-percha points are:
•Offered in an extended range of sizes suitable for various obturation techniques
•Available in .02 ISO and accessory sizes, including tapered .04 and .06
•Specially designed to match the tapered shapes created by today’s instruments and techniques